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Posted By: gnu
31-May-08 - 11:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Name for kitten?
Subject: RE: BS: Name for kitten?
All three of mine came when called. Now, Cassie didn't when she was a "teen", but, after leaving her out all night a few times, she learned.

As far as cats responding to a name (BTW, Bee-dubya-ell, post
Date: 28 May 08 - 06:37 PM was one of my fav's), they don't, that I know of. I used "calls", tone inflection and body language, and "teaching aids" to train two of my cats. The first one, Cheucie, was Whatshername's cat before our marriage. She didn't need any trianing... the cat, I mean... Whatshername was not trainable at all. Cheucie pretty much understood what I said and she heeded me. Even if she did not want to, say, go in the house, she did, growling and pissed off, but she did.

Cassie and Maggie respnded well to training. Maggie was nearly as good as a dog as I was working at home when we got her and I took the time to train her on a daily basis from the time she first saw me. I often think of her and hope she made out okay after she left.
Sorcha was quite right. I doubt I'll ever have another. But, I thought this was a good thread topic... well, maybe I was just thinking about Maggie... sniff.

I suppose "Bathtime" is a poor choice... and "Vet"... >;-)