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Posted By: John in Brisbane
27-May-00 - 01:33 AM
Thread Name: Index of Folk Songs in Print
Subject: RE: Index of Folk Songs in Print
Some interesting responses! First, my apologies to Mary, my knowledge of USA geography is probably better than many US residents' reciprocal knowledge, but a mistake nonetheless.

I was hoping that this thread would flush out some exciting on-line indexes. My simple intent was to provide access to a meaningful on-line database for all Mudcatters and visitors - perhaps something akin to The Fiddlers Companion. Let it start small, accumulate some entries and provide a larger home as needs require. If contributors find that an on-line database such as UTK already has the references then clearly addition to the Mudcat storage would be redundant. If they still wish to do it then I don't see it as a big deal - even with 100,000 entries it would still be no larger than a couple of week's threads on other subjects. If it occupied 10 different threads then again what's the difference? Sper Search or Son of Super Search could find disparate references in a flash.

With regards to format, I have an open mind, but I had a leaning to utter simplicity.

One of the greatest assets we have in this Forum is the community which inhabits it. Members of this community have an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to a project with endless longevity, and by utilisisng very simple tools - a word processor, maybe a scanner and the deire to add some bricks to what is already an awesome DT database.

Enough from me, Regards, John