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Posted By: Severn
09-May-08 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Dick Rodgers, FSGW Institution (May 2008)
Subject: RE: Obit: Dick Rodgers, FSGW Institution (May 2008)
He had loads of stories of the early folk scene in Washington and did a workshop or displayed a gallery at various events on several occaisions. I always enjoyed his stories of what went on backstage in the '60s at some of the major festivals and clubs. I sometimes think he started his Folk Strums magazine/newsletter just for the Press pass it gave him. He did have quite an encyclopedic knowledge of the music, which tended to show itself more at the FSGW events and sings as opposed to the Shanty sings where his song selection tended to play it a little safer, except in December when he'd always lead us in "Remember Pearl Harbor" which, as a gift as a child, was the first record he ever owned and always proved a nice touch.

In recent years, I was able to show him how to use a computer well enough for him to use the ones in the seniors apartments he lived in fairly nearby to me. I also gave him a spare turntable and speakers which put him back in touch with the music on his collection of LPs, many of them rare and out of print. He was nice enough to let me borrow a few in exchange.

He was always a source of help and encouragement and welcome to anyone, especially new singers.

He was always there somewhere with his beer and his hearing aid in evidence but would disappear for smoke breaks (and beer in non-alchohol situations). He'd have his senior moments and battles with the gurdy or pipes. If you followed him at a shanty sing, you ditched the ballad and went with a lively one. But maybe a version of one of his favorites like "Hurrah, We're Homeward Bound" or "Captain Kidd" in his honor at the Royal Mile sings might be in order soon.

I'm sure he'll make a wonderful harper, as everyone can play and sing once they get to heaven, so they tell me. (The virtuosi are allowed to STAY better and envy is unheard of, I gather).

So long, Dick!

I haven't seen any word on the services.