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Posted By: Jim Dixon
02-Apr-08 - 12:13 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs by Tommy Sands
Subject: Lyr Add: THE MAN WITH THE CAP (Colum Sands)
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(Colum Sands)

They say he was the strangest man you'd ever want to meet.
He didn't like the towns at all and he kept to the quiet streets,
But mostly he was in the fields. he always wore a cap,
The same one for a Sunday as for briardin' up a gap.
And no one has a photo of this man.

No one seemed to know his plan.
He was lonely as a baby and as gentle as a child,
And it seems he often spoke of Oscar Wilde.

I mind we used to see him on the quiet summer nights
Standing by the roadside like a rabbit in the lights.
He'd never wave, just nod his head. he always wore a tie.
Some people said that he was odd. others said just shy.
And no one has a photo of this man

It seems he loved a girl one time but she must have gone away.
Perhaps he was too quiet or too different in his ways.
He never bothered after that, got careless with his looks,
Forgot to shave for seven years and took to reading books.
And no one has a photo of this man.

I saw him in the cornfield sowing with his hand.
He understood the weather and he understood the land.
He always wore what once had been a three-piece navy suit,
The same one for the sowing as for standing of the stooks.
And no one has a photo of this man.

They say he'd stand for hours gazing at the hills,
His bicycle beside him and both of them were still
As statues in the sunset. no one knew his mind,
But when he died, they said that he was kind.

We laid him down this morning. the rain was falling fast.
Those who thought they knew him were with him to the last.
The priest was sprinkling prayers and holy water in the rain,
And we said, "We'll hardly ever see the likes of him again."
And no one has a photo of this man.

No one has a photo of this man.

(as sung by Andy Irvine)

briardin' up - repairing