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Posted By: Susanne (skw)
30-Mar-08 - 08:17 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs by Tommy Sands
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: songs by Tommy Sands
It's called The Man With The Cap and was written by Colum Sands.

Some more info from Colum's songbook:

[2000:] A song from the pace and place of growing up. Ryan Road, near Mayobridge in County Down. I had two or three different men in mind when I wrote this song and maybe, for all I know, there were a few others dancing around in there at the back of my memory as well. What I am sure of though is that one of those men was an uncle of mine, a great man who, as far as I can remember, never travelled more than about ten miles from home in his life. He took a big black bicycle with him at all times. I often watched him walking along beside it and came to the conclusion that he took his bicycle with him as much for company as for transport. It was a fine strong bicycle with the standard black bag behind the seat, (the exact size for carrying a loaf of bread), a three speed gear system, dynamo lighting and a decoy bicycle pump. The decoy punp, which wouldn't have blown up a paper bag, was there merely to confuse and perplex any would-be thieves, the "good" pump travelled safely and snugly in the inside pocked of my uncle's great coat. Sunday was the day when his bicycle was most likely to leave Burren and come purring along the Ryan Road before turning down the lane to our house. Uncle Patrick never came in through the door without a generous bagful of minutely detailed and hugely entertaining accounts of who and what he had encountered on his travels that day. His powers of observation taught me from an early age that a five-mile journey by bicycle could be more exciting and colourful than a journey of thee hundred miles by car or five thousand miles by plane. At the end of some of those plane journeys, I have found myself singing this song in many different countries and, wherever I go, people often say to me afterwards, "I knew a man just like the one you were singing about in that song." So, it would seem that there are many "men with caps" out there, each one with his own story to tell. This song is for all of them and I hope that someday it may help someone, somewhere to take the time to stop and listen to one of those stories. (Colum Sands, Between the Earth and the Sky 12)