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Posted By: Joe Offer
25-Mar-08 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Poor Howard / Green Corn (Leadbelly)
Subject: ADD: Stavin' Chain
Stavin' Chain

1 Stavin' Chain is dead and gone,
Left me here to carry his good work on.

I'm makin' it down, baby, like Stavin' Chain, ol' Stavin' Chain
I'm makin' it down, just like Stavin' Chain.

2 I'm goin' away to wear you off my mind,
You keep me worried and bothered all the time.

3 Stavin' Chain was a man like dis,
Stood on the corner an' wind his fist.

4 Long and tall, just about my height,
Won't mistreat you to save yo' life.

5 I tell you, baby, like the Dago tol' the Jew,
"If you don' likee me, I don' likee you."

6 It ain't but one thing worried my mind,
Brown-skin gal quit me in the wintertime.

7 I got ten little puppies, one little shaggy houn',
Take all them puppies to run my brown-skin down.

8 Looky here, gal, you need not squall,
Goin' to take the wig I bought you, let your head go bald.

9 Some of these days, an' it won't be long,
You call my name an' I'll be gone.

10 All the women found out that Stavin' was dead,
Rushed right home and they dressed in red.

11 Stavin's Chain is dead and gone,
He's in hell with his Stetson on.

Sung by 'Tricky Sam' of Huntsville, Texas, 1934

from Our Singing Country, Lomax & Lomax, pp. 305-306

tune available on request

Recording of a bawdy version of this song on The Unexpurgated Folk Songs of Men