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Posted By: Mark Dowding
20-Mar-08 - 07:45 AM
Thread Name: Private recordings of Cyril Tawney
Subject: RE: Private recordings of Cyril Tawney
Hi Gurney

Various factors determine the quality of recordings - I'm sure better people than me will give a more technical answer but the type of equipment it was originally recorded on and the microphones used as well as the quality of the tape - be it cassette or open reel and how the tape has been stored in the intervening years all affect the quality over time. The recording I made in 1983 is still in excellent condition - it was recorded on a "ghetto blaster" type cassette recorder with a pair of electret stereo microphones that plugged into the machine rather than use the in-built mics. The cassettes I used were good brands ie Sony, TDK, BASF and they've been kept in the plastic cases in a cassette case. After re-recording the originals onto my computer I used a programme that took some tape hiss off the audio and boosted the treble a little. Rosemary has told me it's the best one she's heard so far.

A lot of my other club recordings were made on a Sony Cassette-Corder TCM6 which was a mono walkman style cassette recorder which although it saved me lugging a big machine about with me didn't have the same sound quality. I made a recording of Ted Edwards on this machine in 1984, gave him a copy a couple of years ago and he asked me to put it out for the public to buy. I did him 150 and as far as I know he's sold them all!

I'm sure Rosemary will appreciate your recording whatever the quality and if it contains intros or songs she hasn't heard on other recordings then it makes it all the more valuable.

This thread is making me wonder what other recordings are floating round people's back rooms!