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Posted By: GUEST,KW
17-Mar-08 - 01:30 AM
Thread Name: Help: Chastity Belt -- Recordings?
Subject: Lyr Add: CHASTITY BELT
I have been singing this song since I picked it up from a friend in the Footlights at Cambridge in 1964. Some slight differences in the lyrics compared with the version above:

Say, gentle maiden, may I be your lover?
Condemn me no longer to mourn and to weep!
Struck down like a hart I lie bleedin' and pantin',
Let down your drawbridge and I'll enter your keep.
Enter your keep, nonny-nonny, enter your keep ...
Come let down your drawbridge, and I'll enter your keep.

Alas, gentle errant, I am not a maiden -
I'm married to Sir Oswald, the cunning old Celt.
He's off to the wars for a twelvemonth or longer,
And taken the key to my chastity belt!
Chastity belt, nonny-nonny, (etc)

Fear not gentle maiden, for I know a locksmith,
To his forge we will go, at his door we will knock.
And see if we can avail us of his technical knowledge,
And see if he's able to unpick your lock!
Unpick your lock, nonny-nonny ...

Alas Sir and Madam, to help I'm unable,
My technical knowledge is of no avail.
I can't find the secret of your combination -
The cunning old bastard has fitted a Yale!
Fitted a Yale, nonny-nonny ...

I'm home from the wars with sad news of disaster,
A terrible mishap I have to confide -
As we were a-passing the straits of Gibraltar,
I carelessly dropped the key over the side.
Over the side, nonny-nonny ...

"Alas and alack I am locked up for ever" (sung falsetto),
Then up stepped a pageboy, saying 'Leave this to me!
If you will allow me to enter your chamber,
I'll open you up with my duplicate key!'
Duplicate key, nonny-nonny ...

As I recall, this song, like Teenage Cremation, was one that Cambridge blamed on Oxford and Oxford blamed on Cambridge