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Posted By: GUEST,The Mole Catcher's unplugged Apprentice
15-Mar-08 - 12:11 PM
Thread Name: Needed: question songs
Subject: Lyr Add: HEV YEW GOTTA LOIGHT BOY (Alan Smethurst)
Not sure if this one's been listed, so.......

Hev Yew Gotta Loight Boy?

The Singing Postman (Alan Smethurst)1966

I had a gal, a really nice gal, down in Wroxham way.
She were wholly nice to me back in the old school days.
She would smile all the while, but Daddy didn't know all.
What she used to say to me behind the garden wall:
"Hev yew gotta loight, boy? Hev yew gotta loight?"

Then one day she went away. I don't see her no more,
'Til by chance I see her down along the Mundesley shore.
She was there twice as fair. Would she now be true?
So when she sees me passing by, she say, "I'm glad that's you!
Hev yew gotta loight, boy? Have you got a light?"

CHORUS: Molly Windley, she smokes like a chimney,
But she's my little nicotine gal.

Now you'll see her and me never more to part.
We would wander hand in hand together in the dark.
Then one night I held her tight in the old back yard.
So when I tried to hold her close, she say, "Now, hold you hard!
Hev yew gotta loight, boy? Hev yew gotta loight?" CHORUS

By and by, we decide on the wedding day,
So we toddles off to church to hear the preacher say:
"Do you now take this vow to honour all the time?"
Before I has a chance to stop her, she begins to pine:
"Hev yew gotta light, boy? Hev yew gotta light?" CHORUS

Now the doctor tells me a daddy I will be,
So when I ask him, "What's the score?" he say there's only three.
So here I go, cheerio, to see how she do fare.
I know what she will say to me as soon as I get there:
"Hev yew gotta loight, boy?"