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Posted By: Azizi
15-Mar-08 - 10:40 AM
Thread Name: Children's rhyme: When Susie Was A Baby
Subject: RE: When Susie Was A Baby
I'm going to take the liberty to repost a similar stages of life rhyme "When Billy Boy Was One" from this Mudcat thread:

thread.cfm?threadid=4300#1434593 "Children's Street Songs"

Subject: RE: Children's Street Songs
From: Skeezyks - PM
Date: 31 Jan 05 - 12:29 PM

I'm an elementary teacher from Minnesota. I'd like to add a hand clapping, patting game I learned from some first grade girls back in the 1970's. They claaed it "Billy Boy." As they chanted the lyrics they clapped their own hands, then the opposite hand of their partner, then their own opposite shoulders, and finally their knees.

"When Billy Boy was one (sung as two syllables) he learned to suck his thu-umb, (two syllables again.)
Thumb-dee-ah-dah, thumb-dee-ah-dah,
Half past one, cross down,

When Billy boy was two-o, he learned to tie his shoe-oo,
Two-dee-ah-dah, two-dee-ah dah,
Half past two cross down." etc.

three: climb a tree,
four: shut the door,
five: jump and dive,
six: pick up sticks,
seven: got to heaven,
eight: clean his plate,
nine: sing this rhyme,
ten: he learned to say, 'THE END!'"