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Posted By: GUEST,Chicken Charlie
14-Mar-08 - 11:07 AM
Thread Name: Needed: question songs
Subject: RE: Needed: question songs
Battle of Harlaw (Did you come from the Highlands, man? etc.)
**Crash** on the Highway --cited as "Wreck on ..."
Old Woman, Old Woman--unsure of that title myself, but that's 1st line

and the following--no idea of title, but it's a dialog between the Devil and a person, Devil speaking first. I know he says, "Questions nine" and there are only eight, but that's it."

If you can't answer my questions nine,
Sing ninety-nine and ninety!
Then you're not God's, your one of mine;
The crow flies over the white oak tree.

/second and fourth lines are repeated each verse/

What is higher than a tree? Sing ...
And what is deeper than the sea? The crow...

Heaven is higher than a tree;
God's love is deeper than the sea.

What is heavier than the lead?
And what is sweeter than the bread?

Grief is heavier than the lead;
And love is sweeter than the bread.

What is sharper than a thorn?
What is louder than the horn?

Hunger's sharper than a thorn;
And thunder's louder than the horn.

What is whiter than the milk?
What is softer than the silk?

Snow is whiter than the milk;
Down is softer than the silk.

Now you have answered my questions nine--
Sing ninety-nine and ninety;
And you are God's, you're none of mine--
The crow flies over the white oak tree.

I'll see if I can't find a melody somewhere--and if anybody knows the title, that would of course help.

Oh, did anyone mention "There's a Hole in the Bucket?" Guess not, 'cause I just searched "bucket" and these are the only hits. That's a good husband-wife dialog humor bit. Surely it's on Digitrad.

Chicken Charlie