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Posted By: Little Hawk
12-Mar-08 - 01:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Subject: RE: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
But I have just said, and said several times and in several ways that you should feel entirely free about speaking about any positive form of belief you have...and that religious people are trespassing on other people when they prosyletize and try to convert them.

I just don't get it. Do you only notice the things I say that you think are against you?

I just cannot comprehend your inability to see that I AM supporting your positive viewpoints and your right to express them.

It looks to me like you are so desirous of continuing to feel persecuted in some way that you're not willing to even acknowledge anything I say that supports you. Could this be the desire to sustain a previous argument when in fact there IS no real basis FOR that argument?

We both agree that ideas about Hell and eternal damnation are hideous, and that prosyletization is intrusive. We agree on virtually every important matter. I don't mind in the least that you are an atheist. It does not threaten me. I would rather deal with a sensible atheist...or a sensible religious person...than a NOT sensible atheist or religious person! I DON'T CARE ONE DAMN WAY OR THE OTHER WHETHER THE PERSON IS RELIGIOUS OR ATHEISTIC AS LONG AS THE PERSON IS SENSIBLE AND REASONABLE.

What would threaten me would be this: if you were dishonest, hostile, abusive, unfriendly, violent or in any other way troublesome...not whether or not you are an atheist. It doesn't frikkin' matter! Your atheism is not an issue for me.

We have no real argument, in my opinion, but you seem very eager to find a way to prove that we do.

"I see no reason why I should not be openly positive about my views"

Nor do I! Needless to say.

So, what is your line of business?

'Theism infiltrates virtually every area of our lives'

It DOES???? Good golly, I hadn't noticed that. I was not aware of the looming crisis posed by rampant theism in Canada. Yikes! Time to man the barricades, is it? You sound like George Bush or Dick Cheney talking about Al Queda or something. Could it be that your hostility toward the imagined boogeyman of theism is making you see it lurking under every bush and looming like a titan over society, while I go about from day to day and barely even notice its presence? Why? Because I'm not scared of it, that's why. It does not frighten me in the least. If I was scared of it, I bet I'd see it everywhere too.

Just be who you are and be happy with what you are. That's all anyone has to do in life.