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Posted By: Bee
11-Mar-08 - 03:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Subject: RE: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
I think...

...that one of the reasons I am so opposed to the kind of reasoning about faith, positive thinking, etc. I'm seeing in the last fifty posts or so is that much of it is predicated on the experiences of people whose primary lifestyle is supported by living where we do, surrounded by affluence, not particularly in danger of starving or being murdered for what little we might have, or running from the paths of oncoming armies. Yes some of us, me included, have suffered from poverty Western style, where keeping a roof over our heads got a little tricky and it might have to be someone else's roof, and food got harder to come by, and compared to others around us, we were hurting bad.

Bob R. said: "The answer is there. Why your life is the way it is. It's the focus you entertain, your "Faith."
That which got you through this life so far, If you believe "life is hard," quite simply, and with no big surprise, life is hard for you.

But if you boldly develop the "yes, a few things got in the way, but I'm going to do it anyway" mind set. You attach yourself to a great power, some people choose to call this "God"...

This is why you've been given the message, "According to your Faith, so be it unto you..."

(I ain't pickin' on you Bob - you just articulated more of what I'm trying to talk about)

This just ignored, as do all statements about faith in some greater spirit/intelligence/globular mass of cosmic consciousness that imply at bottom you get something back for your faithfulness, a huge percentage of the people in the world who live in conditions we can barely imagine. Those are people who aren't funnin' when they look around and say "My life is hard". Those are women watching their babies die because they haven't any milk left in their own famine-dried breasts to feed them. Children forced to be atrocity committing soldiers in some mad warlord's army. Little girls forced into marriages with old men who make slaves of them. Families in one room shacks hoping nobody kills them tonight because they are members of the wrong tribe. Women told to close their businesses and stay home because God says that's your place.

Prosperity gospel, whether it comes from a braying preacher or in a flower-power haze of cosmic goodies, would be a joke to people like that, if they have anything left of the sense of humour they may have started out with.

I'm damn glad I'm fortunate enough to be far away from those kinds of human experiences. Fortunate! That's the word: luck.of.the.draw. Yes, I can improve my lot through energy and activity and smarts, I can feel good about myself if I can convince myself I'm specially protected by Goodnessknowswhat, I can ascribe my place in life to having propitiated enough or not enough whatever deity I care to subscribe to.

Innocence! There are a lot of people on the planet who never had much more than nine months of that.

Faith may work wonders for y'all. Goodonya. I have Knowledge in stead. I love my husband and family. I know them. It isn't necessary for me to have faith in them. Or in anything else.