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Posted By: pavane
10-Mar-08 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: Help me! I need the perfect tuner
Subject: RE: Help me! I need the perfect tuner
Do you actually check the guitar open strings against the fiddle open strings? I didn't notice anyone ask that.

If they do not match, then it is nothing to do with the fiddler's fingers.

If they DO match, then it can only be the fiddle player who is the cause of the difference? (Assuming your guitar doesn't go out of tune when you put pressure on the strings).

As others have said, it may be the fiddler's ear expecting a perfect interval, and the guitar playing a tempered interval. Can the fiddler play with an accordion?

According to my information, in orchestras, the violins like to tune slightly sharp, to add brightness to the sound. Over the period of 200 years, this has contributed to the raising of standard pitch as other instruments try and catch up.

Maybe your violinist has been used to playing in orchestras?