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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Ryszkiewicz
10-Mar-08 - 12:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Subject: RE: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Thoughts on a Monday morning, after a snowstorm...

You might go through life thinking, well hey, it was ME who got the job, and I worked hard, and when all that bad stuff happened , I was tough, got up, dusted myself off and kept going...And all of that is true. And you might look at the people in this world that you would call "lucky," "privileged", "in the right place at the right time," etc. Why is that?

Those people have gone through bad times, maybe more so than you. But they were not self defeating, their focus was on a world of possibilities, even in the face of troubled times; they had the experiences, but did not DWELL on them. They CHOSE to have a different mind set. It is why we refer to them as winners, the bold, geniuses...
You too, have access to that same force, you need only focus your thoughts. Some would call this Faith, and label it under the guise of Religion. Others might call it self-reliance, and choose not to acknowledge any form of "higher power."

You might choose to experiment with the concept of "review of the day." That is to say, before you retire, observe your thinking patterns for that day. Did you struggle that day? Or, was it one of those "magical" days, where everything went your way? A blend of both? What was the dominant thought? Woe is me? Or, wow, what a great day!
Examine a number of days, what was your attitude, "I can DO this," or, "I'd like to do this, but I don't have..." Or, "I don't stand a chance?"

The answer is there. Why your life is the way it is. It's the focus you entertain, your "Faith."
That which got you through this life so far, If you believe "life is hard," quite simply, and with no big surprise, life is hard for you.

But if you boldly develop the "yes, a few things got in the way, but I'm going to do it anyway" mind set. You attach yourself to a great power, some people choose to call this "God"...

This is why you've been given the message, "According to your Faith, so be it unto you..."