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Posted By: Little Hawk
10-Mar-08 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Subject: RE: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Anything you have faith in (God, the government, your parents, your partner, your children, the scientific community, your doctor, your lawyer, and yourself) can be damaged when a person becomes fearful, defensive, and reactive. That damage is the problem I was referring to. Faith does not only apply to religious beliefs, but to all forms of belief and trust in anyone or anything. The fact that some of you are taking what I said as a personal attack on you is the perfect demonstration of what I am talking about when I say that offence is often taken before it was ever intended.

I never met anyone yet without some chip on his shoulder. The chip on his shoulder was not put there by me, and I do not take responsibility for it, nor carry guilt for it, nor can I remove it. Only the one with the chip on his shoulder can remove it.

If he's willing to. If not, he goes on carrying it.