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Posted By: Little Hawk
09-Mar-08 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Subject: RE: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Snail - "You were mistaken or, more likely, badly taught. The fundamental undelying principle of science is to question everything especially conventional views."

That's true. But it's not as you think. I was aware that science questions everything...I simply was not quite careful enough as to how I worded my original statements in the previous post that you are alluding to.

What I meant was this: as a child I learned to approach the world strictly through the scientific opposed to approaching it through the mystical viewpoint, some religious viewpoints, or the viewpoints of superstition or folk legends or beliefs about good and bad "luck". Did I leave anything out? ;-)

Am I clear now? I WAS aware that science questions and re-examines conventional views, and I was inclined to do that...but only THROUGH the approach of science, logic, observation, and rationality. ("science" meaning, the scientific methods...observation, experimentation, measurement, etc)

It was not surprising that I would have had that viewpoint. My father was an engineer and neither of my parents had any religious beliefs, in fact, they rather looked down on organized religion. ("mumbo jumbo", my Dad called it)

Like any child at a young age, I tended to believe whatever my parents believed. Later on, of course, I tended to question what they believed quite stringently.

I later moved into all kinds of other interests beyond my parents' viewpoints, including spirituality, but I don't belong to any religion. I'm interested in all of them (the religions), and I am still interested in science too, naturally. I mean, who wouldn't be, if they knew anything about it? ;-)