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Posted By: Slag
08-Mar-08 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Subject: RE: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Bob R., of course human thought can change the molecular structure within metal. That is what an electroencephalogram is/does: thought waves, brainwaves ( electromagnetic phenomena ) is recorded on metalized tape. It could also be recorded on a wire recorder. Because human thought activity IS electromagnetic it creates a small localized field. More could be said but that is big-time thread drift. Let me just say, I agree.

Back to the original post, Guest Ed is looking for an easier life from God. He doesn't really identify God but he does use the conventional Capital "G" which in occidental tradition usually identifies the one God as presented in the Bible. But about this I cannot be sure. One of the posters above equated the biblical God with Allah. This is not accurate by any stretch as Allah was a tribal god among many before the time of Mohammad. It was Mohammad's genius which consolidated the Arabian tribes under Allah. The partial recognition of Jewish scriptures by the Muslims muddies the picture somewhat but what I have stated is historically accurate.

As I posted earlier, it all depends upon how you define God. I don't believe Guest Ed was really considering the Christian God as the object of his desires. Christianity can be seen as a sect of Judaism which has been unequivocally denied by Judaism. Christians recognize Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ, the Messiah, the Promised One of the Old Testament. We believe Jesus is God incarnate: God taking on the fleshly FORM of Mankind in order to ultimately communicate with His creation who severed the former communication connection by disobeying God's sole commandment to them, to not eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

At any rate Jesus the Christ whom we recognize AS God had much to say about the conditions of Man's existence and in particular of His believers' existence in this world. The hardships and the ultimate demise of each person is the result of Man's original (first) sin. God told Man that in the day that he ate of fruit (actually "touched" the fruit) he would certainly die. That he didn't die right away allowed him to propagate and so pass the contagion on to his offspring. Jesus told His followers that IN the world they would have many trials. He told them that the rain will fall on the just and the unjust. That is to say that no one escapes the problems of the human condition. No free pass. As for His believers, he told them that He did not come to bring peace but a sword. That He would be a divider of men, brother against brother, son against the father , etc. and that anyone who was not willing to forsake hearth and home had no part in Him. He promised that if the world hated Him it would hate them also, that they would be persecuted and hounded and put to death for their belief. They would be reviled and mocked to scorn. They would be put out of the synagogues and churches and that those who killed them would believe that they were doing God a favor. If you want I can give you scripture and verse but most of you who know me know that I write from accurate Biblical knowledge. Nonetheless, let me now and I will post the same.

No Ed, if you are looking for an easier life, choose some other god or do like so many others have done, make your own or just skip it altogether. The cross of Christ is a heavy thing to bear if you are not willing to be a partaker of His death.

Oh, sorry! I left out the good part. If you really do believe in Him and accept your inevitable death and so "die" to this world and what IT affords you will also share in His resurrection and triumph over death, Hell and the grave. He promises you eternal Life with him and in Him and it begins the moment you believe and can never be taken from you. You have His Word on it.