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Posted By: Jack Campin
08-Mar-08 - 05:23 PM
Thread Name: Help me! I need the perfect tuner
Subject: RE: Help me! I need the perfect tuner
I know a hammered dulcimer player who is never in tune with any guitar when he tunes his instrument correctly (i.e. some non-tempered intonation). If he's playing with guitarists he just resigns himself to using a crap tuning to fit in with them.

I have never found tuners anywhere near as accurate as using a pitch reference - a tuning fork, a chromatic tone generator, a computer or an accordion.

The obvious solution is to burn the guitar and learn a real instrument like the ud, string bass or cello.

Some genres of music make a big deal out of using non-tempered tunings - Cajun music is one, with their accordions specially tuned to handle it. Maybe this North Texas idiom is another one like that?