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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Ryszkiewicz
07-Mar-08 - 09:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Subject: RE: BS: I'd like to believe that there is a God
Bill D: I don't really have a "stance". I recognize and honor your opinions. I have been thinking about the meaning of this existence for many years. I'd wondered that there must be more to it than just be born, educate yourself, get the job, family, build whatever, get old, die. What would be the point of all that? Surely that power that created us must have more prepared for us other than watch billions of souls go through eons of time, with similar processes.
And I too have contemplated the theory that we are mere creatures, not unlike sophisticated amoebas with a conscience, with apes as ancestors. But the question that remains is: What is the point of it all?
Considering the vast array of Religions, atheists, "viewpoints", and such...
This all began with a lifelong study of the power of the mind and what it can accomplish. The Martial Arts. Boatloads of Philosophers, Gurus, Masters, Mystics, Wiccans & Professors...
All I can tell you is from my personal experience, that there is a force that watches over us. We have the will and the power of choice and decision, but I had believed that we were being propelled through this existence for a higher purpose.
There have been countless times where I thought I was "finished". And I can tell you this truth: When the Bible tells you "Trust in the Lord and he will send His Mighty Angels to watch over you," that it's not just a bunch of words in a book. But fact.
My life has been a series of miracles. For which I give Thanks.
Now as far as the "world of delusion" part goes, it has only been in the last few years that I've come to the conclusion that it is ourselves that create our individual realities. Prior to that I'd felt as if I was being dragged or propelled through certain experiences and wondered, why is this stuff happening to me?
This is why I've come to the personal realization that the Thoughts WE CHOOSE to hold in consciousness create our reality. It goes WAAAY beyond "positive thinking"...Thoughts become THINGS...
You will have that "bad day." Someone you love will die...But you still have the power to bounce back, determination, fortitude, will.
While"God" for some might be "The Universal Subsconcious Mind", there is something MORE. Now THAT which created the planets and all existence may or may not have a physical embodiment, that perhaps mankind will never know...But we are all part of ONE power, ONE force. And FOR ME, the operative viewpoint is: "How May I Serve". What can I do to make it better? The answer: GO TOWARD LOVE/GOD.
Do that which you love and the obstacles fall as you place yourself in ALIGNMENT with the FORCE that created all of this, me, you, everything. That is MY reality.

For Y.O.U. it might be MY JOB, the wife & kids, whatever. This is why you might look at all the posts I've done and say to yourself, "AW that's not true." And in your reality, It's not true. This is because each of us lives in the reality that we have created. And the fun part is, both can exist at the same time. Witness Quantum Physics. Dylan's "Your right from your side, and I'm right from mine," goes far deeper than just two people talking to each other...

We are all extensions of THE ONE, at different levels in the process of growth. The spirit does not die. Those that have passed walk with us in another dimension/level, at the same time...I can only put these thoughts before you, there is no point in trying to convince you of anything. That which created you has all of that taken care of...

Peace & Blessings...