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Posted By: GUEST,Chicken Charlie
03-Mar-08 - 11:16 AM
Thread Name: Folk terminology
Subject: RE: Folk terminology
Dear Suffolk Miracle:

I was about to simply shout, "Brother!" when I realized (just in time to save myself from the Gender Police) that Suffolk Miracle is gender-independent. I will therefore try to type "Sibling!" with as much emotion as possible.

I think the world has a name for people like you and me, and it's probably "neurotic," but I can relate to endless reiterations and lots of micro-tweaking on words, phrasing and all of it. Examples will only produce "but I do it THIS way" thread creep, so I'll abstain, but I hear you. I don't know how these over-eager types (mainly young but not always--many should know better) expect to move an audience with anything performed so haltingly, but I guess they do.

(In case anyone thinks I'm claiming perfection, here's the ironic bad news: by the time you reach the age where you have gotten things down and explored the nuances and all that as SM said, you have also reached the age where brain farts start occurring and you begin to have trouble remembering your dearly-bought improvements. O, tempore, o mores, whatever the Hell that means--I used to know.)

Chicken Charlie