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Posted By: Art Thieme
02-Mar-08 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: Folk terminology
Subject: RE: Folk terminology
In the 1950s I collected songs from a street singer who was the original Elvis imitator. More often than not, his finger was not in his ear---it was up his nose. He said folks told him he sang through his nose, so plugging up one side of it helped him a lot with diction and tone quality. I asked him what was wrong with his diction? I didn't hear any problem at all. He answered, "Where my diction is concerned, my main problem is that the damn thing keeps falling out of my pants!" ----- So I gave him a rim-shot!!!

Just about then a cop started to hassle him about playing on the street and he, without missing a beat, stuck a broomstick up his ass and went into "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog"----The shaking of his legs and hips got that broom to moving so good that he was doing a real credible job of sweeping that street and immitating The King all at the same time. With an exhibition of civic pride like that, there was no way the cop could bug him. He was, at long last, an asset to the community.

As far as Ferenghis are concerned, I've always felt they should all be given lobe-otomies. That'd help their hanging lobes problems with their unique ears for sure. The question we're left with is: Can Ferenghis all play by ear?

And do they get calluses on their lobes from doing that??

Truth be known, Ferenghis, being the devious super patriotic pure Capitalists and dollar hoarding, money grubbing creatures that they are, we should've seen before now that they've inhabited the Oval
Office here in the USA for the last eight years--. PEOPLE, Euros aside, we are in a ton of trouble when the dollar falls behind a bar of gold pressed latinum! -- 'Nuf said...

And another thing,
getting back to that folk terminology discussion palaver: I've known for the last decade, at least, maybe three or four decades, that nobody knows what the hell folk music is but me!!! (Maybe Joe Hickerson and Barry Finn too.) Like George, I will stay the damn course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!