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Posted By: Sandy Mc Lean
25-Feb-08 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: Ashley MacIsaac to 10 year olds: Smoke Pot
Subject: RE: Ashley to 10 year olds: Smoke Pot
I think that the clones got the guests post. I posted this on another thread five years ago. I still fell the same but I think that he has matured in the meantime.

Subject: RE: Ashley MacIsaac
From: Sandy Mc Lean - PM
Date: 28 Mar 03 - 05:58 PM

Ashley is one of the very best in ability to play. I make no defence for the stupid things that he has done and said, but there are probably not very many who have heard him playing at his best. Most judge him by the crap that he plays for commercial purpose and that is a judgement made on partial evidence.
Most of the time when he plays in Cape Breton it is a different Ashley. If you could go to a square dance at Glencoe Mills or West Mabou and listen to Ashley and Howie MacDonald and Dave MacIsaac play together on some fast traditional jigs and reels it may leave you in awe.
Only available in in Cape Breton. A pity! :-}

message undeleted so Sandy's comment makes sense. Remember the rule is one must post with a consistent ID, even as guests. This is why the post was deleted.