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25-Feb-08 - 09:56 PM
Thread Name: Ashley MacIsaac to 10 year olds: Smoke Pot
Subject: RE: Ashley to 10 year olds: Smoke Pot
hi figured after seven years had passed i could finallyleavea commentonthis site-
you people who seem tobelevieeverythingyoureadlet alone act likeyouknowmefrom thingssiad inthe media- well-you really outtoget alife-therearemany comments onthis site i could sue peoplefordefamation for-astheyare not based on any realityofmyluife onlythe imagined one that you allseem to think isreal-
-by theway i didn't smoke crack onthe evening of decemeber 31st 1999- i quit on februyray 24th 1999- which isnow 9year ago-and it was pot that allowed metoquit easily- not tomention idstoppedsmokingpotafew years after that-
those who think they know me-well
whatever- i could keep making up stories for therest of mylifeto thepress and they would keepprinting it
thanks for keeping thedream alive
as for caper-s- i have bruaght as much money onto cape breton island asanyone else ever- manypeople still go to my traditional events- and old ladies to thisday still wish i wouldmarry there young girl or nicecs and some even say there nephews now- i get more support than i ever need to keep mefed-
and one who may have everthoguht i was a shame or disgraced myself- are the sameones thast run home with ther pictureto show thier family "look who i met-"and truthfully i am happy toprovide the little bit of fodder that may entertian them for whatever reason they feelentertained- postive onegative- ther is enoguh stuff inthis world that isn't that entertaining like war pov erty andtories
think twice- casuethefirst time jsutaint hitting the right notes folks