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Posted By: GUEST,Rogthedodge
17-Feb-08 - 09:06 PM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby sings Sandy Denny !!!!
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby sings Sandy Denny !!!!
Listen missy, you can spout '"I think she got off lightly'forgive me for sniggering

one more time, there is NO full length version of Who Knows Where The Time Goes, by Kate Rusby....

and I've read this thread gawd knows how many times....

Charlotte (pay attention all the time, because you never know)' all you damned well like.

I asked about 1 song you responded about another, if you're too damned dumb to understand that simple fact then you really shouldn't be near electricity unsupervised.

So there's no full length version of WKWTTG by Kate, at all?, ever? She recorded just one 50 second chorus?? And you know this for a certain fact?, from what source?

You started with the irrelevant posts, you started with the attitude and now you know something 'for a fact' - other posters seem to contradict you but you know best - eh?

TBH I originally thought you were confused but now I think you're just plain stupid (and rude)