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17-Feb-08 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: What is a Folk Song?
Subject: RE: What is a Folk Song?
International Folk Music Council 1954.
"Folk music is the product of a musical tradition that has been evolved through the process of oral transmission. The factors that shape the tradition are: (i) continuity which links the present with the past; (ii) variation which springs from the creative impulse of the individual or the group; and (iii) selection by the community, which determines the form or forms in which the music survives.
The term can be applied to music that has been evolved from rudimentary beginnings by a community uninfluenced by popular and art music and it can likewise be applied to music which has originated with an individual composer and has subsequently been absorbed into the unwritten living tradition of a community."
Not perfect, but close enough for me. It certainly covers all the material on my shelves labeled 'folk song'.
You might want to look at the 16 page definition in Funk ans Wagnall, but this one covers all the major points.
It's the door came through forty years ago.
Why don't people on this thread know about it? your guess is as good as mine.
If we accept that there is such a thing as 'folk song' and it's not this - what is it?
Jim Carroll