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Posted By: Gene Burton
16-Feb-08 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: What is a Folk Song?
Subject: RE: What is a Folk Song?
"Every so often, some new member with a guitar and an idea of what folk music is, based on the industry's version of what that is, comes in an spouts off that folk music is music sung by folks."

I've never said that, Mick. Nor have I endorsed the horse definition (though I do think the horse definitioners have every bit as much right as the 1954 people to state their case without being branded "imbeciles"). My own definition is based on nothing but my own observations of folk music as performed in a variety of settings here in the UK, my own musical ear and common sense- not on the projections of music industry types, who are no friends of mine.
I always listen to everybody, provided they're genuinely expressing a view and not a pretext for a personal attack. However, with respect, I really don't think I have to serve a 70 year apprenticeship before I'm entitled to a voice.

(I assumed your post was aimed at me- if not then obviously disregard this)