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Posted By: The Sandman
05-Feb-08 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: concertinas in folk music
Subject: RE: concertinas in folk music
It seems to me that very few players on the English system make full use of the chording capabilities that others have described above (triangles). I can see it would be tricky to keep three buttons depressed and still have scope to hit appropriate melody notes with a fourth finger - is this why? You could just use two fingers for the chord - sometimes it's better not to fill out the chord completely, but leave a bit for the imagination.
Ross,Most people use three fingers[its easier to play standing up],standing up means you can use more easily wave the bellows [IMO].
if you use cross fingering[one note for each button],as I do alot of the time ,when playing chords,you can acheive both legato and staccato chords[it is not difficult at all].you
actually have six fingers available for chords[if you so wish]it is not always necessary to play the melody.
when I do play a melodic accompaniment,I try to keep the chording light,depending on the song, often using melody with one other harmony note.
I also play single line harmony with my voice singing fact I have about four different styles.
One song that I havent recorded commercially is on youtube BarbaraAllen[youtube dickmilesmusic]and is agood example of playing melody with accompaniment[Iam standing up and make considerable use of the bellows,including a broken slur[a break in the bellows movement without changing direction]it happened spontaneously.I probably couldnt repeat it
AlfEdwards was a very accomplished player but was[apparently]unable to busk]always had to have music,in my opinion being able to busk is important for accompaniment