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Posted By: Ross Campbell
04-Feb-08 - 11:04 PM
Thread Name: concertinas in folk music
Subject: RE: concertinas in folk music
I use a G/D Anglo mostly singing in D, Em or Am. I do have a C/G Anglo as well, and although I could find those keys on it I find the balance of voice/instrument is better with the lower tones of the G/D. I started off on a Bb/F (the only thing I could find way back then), playing melody on the right hand and vamping chords on the left. This produces the typical Anglo bounce which is good for dance tunes but not always for song accompaniment.

Nowadays I tend to play on the draw, crossing the rows to get longer runs without changing bellows direction - still chording mostly on the left hand and melody/harmony on the right. The nearest I have heard to the sound I go for is Danny Spooner from Oz - he manages to produce a similar effect on English concertina. There's another player of that instrument who produces a similar sound - plays with Stormalong John - sorry, can't remember his name.

It seems to me that very few players on the English system make full use of the chording capabilities that others have described above (triangles). I can see it would be tricky to keep three buttons depressed and still have scope to hit appropriate melody notes with a fourth finger - is this why? You could just use two fingers for the chord - sometimes it's better not to fill out the chord completely, but leave a bit for the imagination.