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Posted By: Jeanie
02-Feb-08 - 02:08 PM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby sings Sandy Denny !!!!
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby sings Sandy Denny !!!!
Charlotte (Molecatcher's apprentice) - you appear to be totally misunderstanding what I have been saying here.

I am talking about the introductory song to a fictionalized television series. I am not talking about a concert performance by a named performer, performing as themselves (i.e. Kate Rusby performing as Kate Rusby). Of course, in that situation, there would be no need or question of her toning down her regional accent because yes, I agree with you totally: that is what makes her "her", it characterizes her as the unique individual that she is. The same would apply to any performer performing as themselves, and quite rightly so.

But we're not talking about that, are we ?
This is about a piece of music (in this case a song) being used as a tool to introduce a piece of drama. In that context, the music serves the drama. In my opinion, the music does not best serve as an apt introduction to the drama which is to follow. The introductory music is as much a part of the drama as the actors and performers within it. Of course, actors will tone down their own way of speaking if it is at odds with the content of the piece. There is absolutely nothing wrong in toning down in that context - in fact, it is absolutely right. (How would it be to have Maggie Smith, for example, playing a lady from New Orleans but speaking in her own native Scots accent ??)

It is immaterial who is singing the introductory song. It matters not one jot to the drama whether we know or recognize who the singer is or not. What is key is whether the voice/accent used suits what is to come. It's a dramatic tool - not a concert performance by a named performer.

My view on things is from the perspective of the presentation of a drama and its effectiveness.

- jeanie