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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
02-Feb-08 - 07:17 AM
Thread Name: Kate Rusby sings Sandy Denny !!!!
Subject: RE: Kate Rusby sings Sandy Denny !!!!
I wasn't watching the programme, but it was on the telly in the background whilst I was looking up some info on the computer. I recall commenting to myslf that it was nice to have background music on a tv programme which was "folky" instead of the usual overloud electic stuff. At that moment I glanced up and realised that it was Kate and presumably her band performing live in the actual scene.
It was nice to note that the folk performers were there playing straight and not just put in so that some character could make a joke out of them. It wasn't the usual "let's throw rocks at the morris dancers" type of appearance. Kate and her band were probably the most sensible thing in the show. We could do with a bit more exposure where folk music is trated as something which should be part of life and not there to be mocked.
I never took to Jam and Jerusalem as a comedy, mostly because I found the characters and situations totally unfunny and over the top. It is packed with a cast containing some extremely talented actors who are being wasted because the script is poor and someone has the stupid idea that every character in each scene has to say something.