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Posted By: JohnInKansas
30-Jan-08 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: Who's Posted the Most?
Subject: RE: Who's Posted the Most?
PoppaGator -

When a member changes his/her Mudcat name, that name-change exetnds to all archived posts, which are re-labeled with the new name

That's the preferred method. Actually, you - the member - are just a number. If you request that the name displayed be changed, using the same member number, then all the posts will show as if made under the new name, since it's the member number that's the "key" looked up to find what name to use. (At least it looks that way in the page code.)

You could, however, create an entirely new member identity that would have a new member number and associated new name, if you use a new email address and "fake the details" for other things asked. This is a practice generally frowned upon by the management, but could be done accidentally or deliberately.

In the past, the login page (Sign In) also had a button to "Sign Up" and a few people hit the wrong button when they tried to log in after a cookie crumbled, causing all sorts of confusion. I believe the "New Member" button has been moved elsewhere to avoid "inadvertent multiple personality syndrome" when people just wanted a new cookie but got confused. Most "inadvertent new identities" have been "fixed" by mudelves, but the incantations and potions required to do that are unknown on the real earth (by we "real human beans").

It might be considered necessary to have an entirely new identity (a new member number and new name), for example in a "stalking" case. In this case, posts under the old name would remain, and only new posts would be under the new name and new identity number.

The latter case is a bit like the government's "witness protection" setup(?). It provides little protection to change the name unless you change the entire "identity," if the purpose is avoiding someone/something threatening/stalking you.

After sufficient time, when a threat appears diminished, mudelves could - I assume - use their same magic to reconnect a new identity to old posts under a prior ident so that they all reappear under the current name; but I don't know if this is a preferred practice.

Accidentally, or intentionally, there have been a few cases of "new identities" that are a bit different than a simple "new name" for an existing identity, hence the "ambiguous tweak" about a name change.