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Posted By: PoppaGator
30-Jan-08 - 03:59 PM
Thread Name: Who's Posted the Most?
Subject: RE: Who's Posted the Most?
Note to JohnInKansas:

When a member changes his/her Mudcat name, that name-change exetnds to all archived posts, which are re-labeled with the new name. So, a name change would not result in a reduction of the number of posts in history ~ only in the reattributino of that entire history to the newly changed name.

I learned this accidentally, reading a resurrected thread in which various participants voiced complaints about Martin Gibson's interjections. I didn't see a single post labeled "Martin Gibson" in the whole thread, but when I read a little closer, it was obvious that many posts characteristic of our old friend MG were in there, but all of them posted under the name "Once Famous." I then saw that Once Famous had a long history af many posts. Most of them, one assumes, orignally appeared under that earlier infamous name, but all had been reassigned to the new name.

That brings up a new, related question: who has had the most posts deleted? MG/OF is an obvious candidate, but not the only one