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Posted By: Azizi
20-Jan-08 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: African Folk Songs
Subject: RE: African Folk Songs
Here are three links to YouTube video clips that feature singing and dancing to the contemporary Namibia folk song "Amarula". All of these videos were posted by the same person:
"Amarula Origional Song"

[Here's a brief excerpt of the video summary]:
"The Amarula Song is in Namibia a very well known song about the Amarula liqueur (bit like Baileys)
Jan filmed during our trip through Namibia several Hotel kitchen personel singing this funny song. (availabl on Namibia DVD)
This one was shot in the evening in the dark (no electricity) lit by lamps.

Amarula Cream is a liqueur made of the Marula tree fruit. Elephants love it and shake trees to get them. It is known animals can get drunk of it also see movieclip in this list"..

Amarula Origional Song II

Amarula Origional Song III

The third video also features San women talking, and their speech includes the click sound that Miriam Makeba introduced to so many people in America and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to find the words to this song online. I posted a comment requesting the lyrics. The only part of the song that I can post is the chorus:

Amarula Amarula
Amarula rula rula
Amarula Amarula
Amarula rula rula


Amarula is pronounced "ah-mah-roo-lah"

I also posted a request for more information about the dance that the women and men performed to the song. I wondered if the steps where from an older, traditional dance and if so which one. Also, I noted that the steps seemed similar to me to an African American R&B dance "the butt". Actually, there may be other line dances that are more similar to the steps those Namibians did, but that step in which the men and women swung their hips to the side, thus emphasizing their butt, reminded me of that 1990s dance.