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Posted By: reggie miles
13-Jan-08 - 01:49 PM
Thread Name: Needed: question songs
Subject: Lyr Add: DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO MACRAME (R Miles)
Do You Know The Way To Macramé? Reggie Miles © 2004

Do you know the way to macramé?
I get the knots all wrong. The string's so long. I lose my way.

Do you know the way to macramé?
I've tried embroidery, knitting, even some crochet.

Making bags, belts and headbands,
Add some beads. How does it look so far?
In a week, maybe two, a strap for my guitar,
Weeks turn into years how quick they pass.

You'd never guess, what I made next? Well, it's a coaster for your glass.

I've got lots of friends who macramé.
Think I'll give it a try, and make a tie with macramé.
Do you know the way to macramé?
They tell me, don't be shy, even a guy can macramé.

Other crafts can cost a bundle,
Spend a hundred bucks to make a hat
Out of empty beer cans pounded flat
Who, in their right mind, would wear that?

So here it sits, in my garage sale, for a dollar and a half.

Do you know the way to macramé?
Ma, ma, mama, mama, ma, macramé,
Ma, ma, mama, mama, ma, macramé.

Hanging plant and candleholders,
Made of rope or string or even twine.
Add a branch from a tree, now don't it look fine?
Tie your rows of knots in a straight line.

You'd never guess, the weeks I've spent, tying knots and killing time.