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Posted By: Jim Dixon
11-Jan-08 - 11:59 PM
Thread Name: Needed: question songs
Subject: RE: Needed: question songs
Am I blue?
Are you from Dixie?
Are you lonesome tonight?
Are you tired of me, my darling?
Did your mother come from Ireland?
Didn't it rain?
Do you believe in magic?
Do you hear what I hear?
Does your chewing gum lose its flavor (on the bedpost overnight)?
Don't it make my brown eyes blue?
Don't it make you want to go home?
Donald, where's your troosers?
Has anybody seen my gal?
Have I told you lately (that I love you)?
Have you ever been lonely?
Is 'e an Aussie, Lizzie, is 'e?
Is it true what they say about Dixie?
Is you is or is you ain't ma baby?
May I sleep in your barn tonight, mister?
Shall I have it bobbed or shingled?
Shall we gather at the river?
Should old acquaintance be forgot?
What did Delaware?
What did you learn in school today?
What kind of noise annoys an oyster?
What you goin' do when the rent comes round?
What'll I do?
What's the matter with the mill?
Where did Robinson Crusoe go (with Friday on Saturday night)?
Where did you get that hat?
Where did you sleep last night?
Where is my wandering boy tonight?
Who knows where the time goes?
Who stole the kishka?
Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's chowder?
Who wrote the book of love?
Who's sorry now?
Whose Izzy is he? (Is he yours or is he mine?)
Why am I painting the living room?
Why do fools fall in love?
Why don't we get drunk (and screw)?
Will the circle be unbroken?
Will you go, Lassie, go?
Will you love me when I'm old?
Would you like to play the guitar?