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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
02-Dec-07 - 02:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wrestling in the 50/60/early 70ties
Subject: RE: BS: Wrestling in the 50/60/early 70ties
Those names sure bring up better pictures than the UK wrestlers of the same era (well, OK, 1970's)

Mick McManus - hated his ears being pulled.
Jackie 'TV' Pallo
Giant Haystacks - not so much a wrestler as a human crusher.
Big Daddy - also known by his real name of Shirley Crabtree. His brother was a wrestling referee and a midget in comparison.
Kendo Nagasaki was the closest we got to 'exotic' in the UK... never took his mask off, so every opponent tried to rip it off. One did and the nation collectively screamed at the TV to get him to put it back on!

Wrestling was always the first item on 'World of Sport' which went out around Saturday lunchtime. Fish fingers and chips, to the accompaniment of little old ladies screaming vague obscenities and violent threats to men three times their size and in shorts. Ah... happy days!