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Posted By: Darowyn
24-Nov-07 - 05:09 AM
Thread Name: American pie has a lot to answer for.
Subject: RE: American pie has a lot to answer for.
There are people who take a fundamentalist attitude to music. They want to believe every word is literally true, so they like songs which make their meaning absolutely clear.
They probably like pictures that look like "a good likeness" of their subject too.
Other people like to search for meaning in words and images whose messages are hidden. It gives them a satisfaction to unravel the mystery- but they are still looking for a true meaning.
A third group are happy to take pleasure in a happy turn of phrase, a word that is a pleasure to use, a pleasing form on the canvas. They are even happy to be challenged by edgy and spiky sounds and shapes. They look for a direct emotional response without the mediation of the intellectual search for meaning.
You find snobs and posers in all three groups and mutual misunderstanding is pretty general.
You can see that in the thread above.