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Posted By: Bernard
16-Nov-07 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Hills of Connemara
Subject: RE: Origins: Hills of Connemara
Odd that I've never seen this thread before! I've been singing this song for over forty years... learned it from Paul Murphy from Killough, County Down, when we were in the same folk trio at college - and I'm fairly sure the version the Grehan Sisters sang (or still sing?) was very similar:

Hills of Connemara

    Gather up your pots and your old tin can,
    The mash, the corn, the barley and the bran,
    Run like the divvil from the Excise man,
    Keep the smoke from rising, Barney.

  1. Keep your eyes well peeled today,
    The big tall men men are on their way
    Searching for the Mountain Tae
    In the Hills of Connemara.

  2. Mountain breezes, as they blow,
    Hear their echo in the glen below,
    The Gun 'B' men are on the go
    In the Hills of Connemara

  3. A gallon for the butcher, a quart for Tom
    A bottle for poor old farmer John
    Put out those fires and run along
    In the Hills of Connemara

  4. Stand your ground, boys, it's too late
    The Excise Men are at your gate
    Glory be to God, but they're drinking it nate
    In the Hills of Connemara

  5. Swing to the left and swing to the right,
    The Excise Men will dance all night
    Drinking up tae till the morning light
    In the Hills of Connemara