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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
15-Nov-07 - 02:43 PM
Thread Name: Anyone watching My Son Jack?
Subject: RE: Anyone watching My Son Jack?
So, Jim, British workers had no business slaughtering German workers? I wholy agree they didn't, but that sentence really sums up where your sympathies lie.

Was it OK for German workers to slaughter British workers then? I would guess from some of your other comments it was. A British warship sailed up the Liffey. Cork city burned. Innocent civilians were slaughtered. Of course those things are bad. But who's battleships bombarded the east coat of England in WW1? What about the cities destroyed in WW2? And as for the slaughter of innocent civilians I think our tutonic neighbours can outdo most people there can't they? Does a figure of 6 million ring any bells?

Of course we were all as bad as each other in some ways. Of course workers shouldn't fight fellow workers. Of course the men of politics, power and greed are to blame. However, when you start to lay it on so thickly about how much worse the British were, your good arguments become lost in meaningless racist rhetoric.

One final question. What has all this got to do with how good the drama was anyway?