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Posted By: Azizi
10-Nov-07 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: Cheerleader Cheers
Subject: RE: Cheerleader Cheers
Alice, I went to most of my high school pep rallies, but rarely went to the games themselves. I definitely hear what you're saying about your experience with cheerleaders. Unfortunately, there always has been and probalby always will be an "in-crowd" and "not accepted in the in-crowd" mentality associated with children {and teens and adults}. Many people aren't kind to those who don't belong to their particular circle of friends. I'm not sure whether this will ever change.


I like collecting, reading, and seeing these cheers performed because I consider them to be creative expressions and a reflection of the values, concerns, and world view of the children, youth, and adults who recite them. One of the things that interests me about these "Like Totally" cheers is that while some people consider being a cheerleader a status symbol, other people look down on cheerleaders and "make fun of cheerleaders" through these cheers.