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Posted By: Azizi
10-Nov-07 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Cheerleader Cheers
Subject: RE: Cheerleader Cheers
With regard to the "Shabooya Roll Call" examples, "roll call" cheers are introduction cheers in which individual members of a squad calls out their name or nickname and perhaps say something else about themselves. I recall that ages ago when I went to school, the home room teacher would do a roll call {say each name of the students in her or his class}. Students would respond to their name by saying "Here" or "Present}. This may still be done. If not, the phrase "roll call" is certainly preserved in examples of introductory cheerleader cheers, as well as in examples of other types of children's rhymes and cheers.


This past summer, an African American woman in her 20s from Washington DC area told me that when she was in high school, she did a cheer that had a refrain that was to "Shabooya". Unfortunately, she couldn't remember the words to that cheer. However, I received an example to my website that has a refrain that might have been the source of "Shabooya Roll Call" {I assuming that the writers for the Bring It On-All Or Nothing movie didn't just make up this rhyme out of thin air}. Btw, the woman who sent in this example identified hereself as an African American woman African American coach of an African American cheerleading squad:

Shake it fast but watch yourself shake it fast show me what your working with (repeat) Shawalla walla Boom shawalla walla boom sha bang bang boom shawalla wall Holy Savior thang what what (step with feet four times as you turn your back to the opposite team )(step to the beat) shut up (as you say shut up look at the other team and put your hand up to them)
-Princess R.; 5/4/2006 Cocojams