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Posted By: Amos
22-Oct-07 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: San Diego/California Wildfires Again
Subject: RE: BS: San Diegos Wildfires Again
We've had the car loaded with tools, tents and sleepingbags since last night. There are two large areas between us and the fires -- one being the Miramar AFB, and the other being Mira Mesa which is a great lot of concrete, which will slow down any encroachment.

There are 75 engine companies deployed from San Diego County, and a thousand trucks on their way from other regions and states.

The Governator just held a press conference relaying offers of help from President Bush, Diane Feinstein and a lot of other good will, but I have heard no substantive statements other than the above. I would expect to see B-17s overhead with huge loads of foam and retardant, but the wind power in the fire areas is awesome.

800 National Guards are being pulled off border patrols to help evac and vicitims. The professionals are stunned at how fast the north end of the County is being swept with flame.

Fallbrook is being evacuated.

So far all sites of danger are still ten miles away and not coming in our direction.

Donuel, I always lean in the side of caution. Right now, the position at home is safe.

The winds may not die before the end of Wednesday, and the north county westward blown fires may not stop until they reach the Pacific.

They have reported 5% containment on the southern Harris fire.

Precious little given the time, an indicator of how voracious these conditions of dry atmosphere, high winds and high temps are.