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Posted By: Backwoodsman
16-Oct-07 - 05:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Girls' school trousers uk
Subject: RE: BS: Girls' school trousers uk
Aaaaahhh, the bottle green knickers, Liz! Actually they were navy at our local girls' school, but still the same huge size and thick material - known by us lads as 'Belly-Warmers' or 'Passion-Killers'.

But at least girls looked smart and their nether regions were kept hidden from the lustful gaze of 14-year-old lads running on that first youthful overload of testosterone! So much nicer than those vile trousers the girls wear now - cut W-A-Y too tight and too low, so they perpetually have the 'camel's foot' showing at the front and, at the back, the 'Brickie's Arse', complete with those foul thong-things stuck up the bum-crack and showing over the waistband - ugh, repulsive or what?

My request for gymslips wasn't driven by old-man's lust, Liz, but by a wish to see 'Young Ladies' on our streets, properly dressed once again. A forlorn hope, I fear!