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Posted By: open mike
14-Oct-07 - 03:00 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Funeral Food (Kate Campbell)
Subject: ADD: Funeral Food (Kate Campbell)
This song is on her Visions of Plenty album, if i am not mistaken..
i am looking for my glasses now--to check out the lyrics...meanwhile..
see her web page (she has a song book available which includes another funerary tune of hers "Sing Me Out") (which is the title song to an
an album of hers...and there is a link to hear it on her web site)
and she is coming soon to a venue near you, (well, not near YOU
Joe O (OR ME), but near many others, including in UK)

I went to her concert in Carson City Nevada a while back.
our local folk society did not think it would be successful
to schedule a concert by her on Super Bowl Sunday, but
the Nevada venue that took that date was filled to the brim!~

Her music fills you up down to your toes!

She is from Mississippi and is an author and lecturer
as well as a musician. On tour she often has speaking
engagements as well as singing ones on her calendar.

Does anybody out there have an Aunt Fidelia??

Joe, you got all the words, except for the last "tag" line
"Everybody's here for the feast
But come next week where will they be"

which seems to ask the question..
when will the next one be? (funeral)

Funeral Food
(Kate Campbell / Ira Campbell / Johnny Pierce)

Aunt Fidelia brought the rolls
With her green bean casserole
The widow Smith down the street
Dropped by a bowl of butter beans
Plastic cups and silverware
Lime green Tupperware everywhere
Pass the chicken, pass the pie
We sure eat good when someone dies

Funeral food
It's so good for the soul
Funeral food
Fills you up down to your toes
Funeral food
Funeral food

There sits mean ole Uncle Bob
Gnawing on a corn on the cob
And who's that walking through the door
I don't think I've ever seen him before
Isn't it a shame she passed away
She made the best chocolate cake
Let's hit the line a second time
We sure eat good when someone dies

Everybody's here for the feast
But come next week where will they be