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Posted By: MBSLynne
14-Oct-07 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Girls' school trousers uk
Subject: BS: Girls' school trousers uk
I have a small problem. My 12 year old daughter's school uniform includes black trousers. At the end of the summer holidays we searched everywhere....Next, New Look, M&S, on line, for decent quality black trousers and found NONE. All they had was polyester or a polyester/viscose mix 'fashion' trousers. The quality is appalling. They have no pockets (Wouldn't think of selling boys' trousers without pockets!) which she needs for a hankie, bus pass and keys. I really don't like buying, wearing, or dressing my kids in synthetic fabrics but there wasn't even anything with a percentage of cotton or wool. In the end, though jeans are forbidden, I bought her a pair of black cotton jeans. With her jumper over the top no one should have known the difference. Now, six weeks into the term, their head of year went into the change rooms when they were changing for PE and saw Shady's jeans properly and has sent a note home. Any suggestions? I'm not prepared to compromise on this and we are sending a note back saying that if they can find decent quality cotton, wool or a mix trousers at a reasonable price we'd be happy to buy them.

She told Shady that they were supposed to wear tailored trousers. Huh! The rubbish things everyone else wears are massed produced way are they 'tailored'

Love Lynne