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Posted By: Kelida
20-Apr-00 - 11:34 PM
Thread Name: Alcoholism
Subject: RE: Alcoholism
*Is a bit pissed to see some people making light of a serious problem, but still determined to add her $0.02*

I'm not a drinker myself, especially since I can't even buy the stuff legally, but I know people who are drinkers, and I know people with serious drug problems who have (and many who have not) tried to quit.

John, I think it's wonderful that you have recognized your problem and want to stop. The other half of the battle will be sticking with it. Whatever you do, though, DON'T GIVE UP. Too many brilliant, talented, beautiful people ruin themselves with alcohol and drugs. I know a brilliant (or he could be) hacker who is smoking himself stupid with marijuana, and a young writer who is doing the same thing (mostly with ecstasy, but the same difference, just in pill for and worse). Also, don't believe all the "it's never to late to quit" bullshite. Don't procrastinate--stop now while you have the desire to do so.

Good luck, and I hope everything works out for you.