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Posted By: michaelr
20-Sep-07 - 01:36 AM
Thread Name: Folk Music for the Middle Class
Subject: RE: Folklore: Folk Music for the Middle Class
You're all a bunch of tossers. Hasn't it occurred to anyone yet (enough to mention it here, anyway) that the whole class dynamic is an artificial means of control the rulers impose?

It's segregation, pure and simple -- the "middle class" is quieted with empty promises of possible advancement while its economic base keeps being purposely eroded -- the "lower class" is told to know its place, and is kept there by institutionalized poverty -- while the "upper class" just keeps amassing wealth and political power.

I'm quite surprised that purported lovers of folk songs, which have been songs by the "lower class" of protest against oppression from "above", are missing out on this all=important dynamic in this discussion.