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20-Apr-00 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: Alcoholism
Subject: RE: Alcoholism
Alcololosim is a terminal disease. You cannot take it or leave it, it takes or leaves you. It is a fight you cannot win, because the disease has one very important difference from any otherr. It tells you that you don't have the disease in the first place. "I can take one and be fine after" "I only drink beer". If you know that you have a problem, just listen to yorself trying to talk you out of it. Look at the others, Morrison, Janis, Jimi, Elvis. These people were great, but it didn't stop them dying of addiction. So why think we are any different. Alcohol has always been a part of the music business, as have all the addicitve legal and illegal drugs. If you are having too much of a good time you will never give it up. There is a line you must cross first. It is a different line for everybody, but once you cross it you will know that any future denial of a problem is meaningless. This is really when your problems start. For once you take the alcohol away, you are left with the 'ism'. You will not be "cured" by reading these messages, in fact there is NO cure. There is no controll either. You have to get into that state of "enlightenment" where you don't want a drink, or a snort, or whatever. You can only get to that state by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who accept their affliction with humility. Then can the healing begin. It is good that you have sensed there is something not quite right about your drinking. Don't have a beer to celebrate this discovery. Good luck.