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Posted By: Marje
19-Sep-07 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: Folk Music for the Middle Class
Subject: RE: Folklore: Folk Music for the Middle Class
Why shouldn't the middle class get to sing good songs? The best folk songs, whether traditional or recently written, go beyond class, time and place and have some sort of universality about them - that's why they survive and get passed around.

Taxes and financial problems are noeither new nor confined to the middle class, but they rarely make a good song unless there's some connection with the real human issues that money can touch - greed, poverty, envy, hope, despair, etc.

Mind you, I can only take so many songs in one evening about how grim life is in the mill, down the pit, out at sea, etc. And as someone has said above, there's a lot of wishful thinking in some of the songs "All night long we did sport and play..." etc.(in your dreams, I sometimes think as I look at the singer!)

But in general, a good song is strong enough to be taken up by singers of different backgrounds - in fact, if it's a really good song, it may even bring the listeners a little closer to understanding the lives of others in different times and circumstances.